Education opens doors, it helps people create opportunities and gives them the tools to construct a better future for themselves and their family. Education allows one to pursue their dreams and create a better society in which we can all work together to unlock secrets previously unknown. However, for too many this dream is not possible; they face financial hurdles that discourage them from pursuing their passions and causes them to lose hope in their future. We want everyone who grows up in North East, PA to overcome the barriers and obstacles that often impede people from continuing to learn.

What is our goal? Our ambition is that every student who attends North East High School will receive the support they need to further their education. We believe this is possible through Advance North East Foundation Scholarships and in collaboration with the community and other local scholarship organizations because together we can design solutions to make this idea become a reality.

Advance North East Scholarships

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We offer scholarships to seniors at North East High School!

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Scholarship Winners

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Past Advance North East Scholarship Winners

Since our inception we have awarded 11 total scholarships for $7,000 to North East High School students!

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Leadership and Other Qualities

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“Receiving the Advance North East scholarship will greatly help me throughout my four years at the University of Rochester, and I plan on saving the money and putting it toward my study abroad semester!”
Leah Fails, NEHS Class 2013

Our Community Projects


Advance North East Community Basketball Hoops

North East, PA loves basketball, but it seemed a rare site to actually see people outside on the community basketball hoops playing pick-up or a game of H-O-R-S-E. We knew the community had a passion for this sport, so we tore down those old-rusty hoops and replaced them with the highest-quality hoops we could find. The response has been phenomenal and it seems that there is now a basketball game being played every single day!

  • Raised over $4,500 with the help of the community and alumni
  • Installed the basketball hoops in June 2015 with the help of North East School District
  • Nets remain on the hoops throughout the year
Community Projects