Qualities of Advance North East Winners

Athletic Scholarship Winners

Sports in North East, PA have a rich history and championships have been plentiful. But that success is not due to skill level alone. Exemplary leadership on the court and field have allowed teams and individuals to push themselves past their own perceived limits and learn valuable lessons that they will carry with them throughout their life. Past winners of the Advance North East Athletic scholarships have played a variety of sports including basketball, soccer and golf. While winning games and accumulating individual accolades is great, we are also concerned about the leadership that you show both on the field of play and in your community. Below is a guide to help you complete the Athletic Leadership Scholarship essay.


1. Define what leadership means to you.

We are asking you to give your personal definition of leadership. We do not want you to use a dictionary for this answer, but rather tell us what you perceive strong leadership to be. There is no right or wrong answer, we are looking for genuine meanings of the word. Below is a quick summary of the answer that one of our past winners gave:

“Being a leader is something I truly value as an individual. Having the characteristics of a leader enables one to be successful in the many facets of life, and I feel that my leadership qualities are something that I am truly proud of. Many times one thinks of a team’s leader as being the most skilled or the superstar, however this is not always the case.”

The applicant when on to describe injuries that had to be overcome and finalized her answer by describing leadership by example and why she felt that was important for a team to succeed.

2. Describe a time when you were a leader to your athletic team.

We want to hear about specific examples of your leadership to your team. As mentioned above, we understand that leadership can come in many shapes and forms. Past winners have given examples of leading by example in practice by helping younger team members learn new skills and showing patience with them as they work to get better everyday. Others have given examples of leadership during actual games where they overcame in-game difficulties to lift-up their teammates and continue battling until the final buzzer. Going above and beyond for your teammates and being an inspiration for them are the common themes we have seen in our past winners.

3. Describe a time when you were a leader in your community.

For this question we are not looking for an sport specific examples, rather we want to know about how you demonstrate leadership in school and/or in your community. If you are in a school group or part of your class leadership, tell us about it and how you became a leader in that position. Past winners have also described work they have done with local organizations or charity work that they have done to help others in their community or neighborhood. Tell us about a specific example of when you have demonstrated this type of leadership.

Senior Scholarship Winners

North East High School is home to immeasurable amounts of courage, compassion, and talent. The goal of the Advance North East Senior Scholarship is to learn about you and the incredible things that you have already done in your life and also to learn about the ideas who have to create a better future. Below is a small guide to help you understand what we are looking for in our Senior Scholarship winners.

1. Describe a time where you gave back to the community and what that experience meant to you.

For this question, we want to hear about some of the work you’ve done in your community to make it better place. The possibilities with this answer are endless, you can talk about charitable work you’ve done for organizations or for your church. You can also talk about being a mentor to another student or someone younger than you in your community or your family. One of our past winners shared the following experience with us:

“I was fortunate to be involved with Missoula Children’s Theater Camp in North East. Having been a camper for seven years previously, I knew what an important experience it was for building self-esteem and confidence. When I was asked to be the volunteer Assistant Director for the camp, I jumped at the opportunity. For three years, I watched shy first graders blossom into confident stars on stage in just a week’s time. Children from all economic backgrounds participated in the camp with scholarship help from the North East Community Foundation. This gave me an appreciation for how hard some families struggle to provide their children with opportunities such as Missoula Children’s Theater.”

What we loved about this answer is that it demonstrated the passion that this winner had for this camp and she clearly articulated how her actions helped the community and how it impacted her. We want to hear about the causes you are passionate about and how your work for those causes has impacted you as a person.

2. Explain an idea that you believe would improve your community.

We want you to be creative with this answer, some ideas are grand and some are simple. There is no wrong answer to this question and we want you to use your first-hand experiences within North East to give an idea that would be beneficial to the members of the town. A lot of our past winners have used their experiences from the first question and translated those into additional ideas. We’ve heard about programs for young children, community gardens, and other volunteer based ideas. Be creative and support why you believe such an idea would be beneficial for North East.